Fashion Earth Alliance – Vocational Excellence and Enterprise united for training, policy reform and sustainability in the fashion, textiles and apparel industries (FEA-VEE) is an Erasmus+ – Centre of Vocational Excellence project combining a mixture of partners that allow for interactions and exchanges between VET providers of different levels and industry representatives.


The project origins from two main identified needs:


FEA-VEE contributes to attract more young people to the textile, clothing and fashion sector and to the training of a more skilled workforce for these industries’ labour needs. Also, the project will help developing a greener, circular and sustainable economic models in the textile, fashion and clothing industry.





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– Company/entrepreneur: You can register as company/entrepreneur if you represent a business and you are looking for workers/interns or cooperation

– VET provider: VET providers are schools or universities. On the FEA-VEE platform, they can promote educational offers and connect with other stakeholders of the sector

– Educator: Educators are teachers and trainers

Institution: Institutions are public bodies, associations and Business Support Organisations (i.e. chambers of commerce)


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