Cooperation Platform

Welcome to the FEA-VEE transnational cooperation platform!

This platform is designed for following types of users in the fashion sector:

  • Companies
  • Students and graduates
  • Workers
  • VET providers (schools and universities)
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Institutions

What the platform will allow you to do:

  • If you are a company or an entrepreneur: post job offers and internships, seek/offer collaborations with educational and research institutions
  • If you are a student, graduate or worker: seek for internships or job opportunities, connect with businesses and look for education and training opportunities
  • If you are an education provider or an educator: promote your education and training offers, promote events, contact other schools/institutions/companies and entrepreneurs for cooperation projects.
  • If you are an institution: connect with other stakeholders of the fashion and textiles sector to exchange best practices and ideas

On the homepage, you will find a comprehensive overview of the platform. It outlines the platform’s target users and the opportunities it provides. The page features introductions to the Community and three vital sections: Networking area, Matchmaking area, and Events. Additionally, you can easily access your profile to check messages or new notifications.

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Join our community and discuss with other members about important subjects, through the forum or through direct messaging.

Here, you can easily view all platform members and utilize filters to refine your search for specific categories of individuals.

Feel free to connect with other members and initiate private conversations with them.

In this dedicated section, you have the opportunity to browse job, internship, training, and collaboration opportunities within the fashion and textiles sector across Europe.If you are an entrepreneur, a company or a VET provider, you will be able to post your own offerings.

To ensure universal understanding, we kindly request that all communications be in English. While you are welcome to include a translation in your native language, English is a mandatory requirement for clarity and inclusivity.

In this section, you have the opportunity to peruse fashion and textiles events curated by platform users. Enhance your experience by adding events of interest to your calendar.

Please note that only entrepreneurs, companies, and VET providers will be able to publish events on the platform.

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If you do not receive the registration link, check your spam folder. If it is not in there, please contact us.

– Company/entrepreneur: You can register as company/entrepreneur if you represent a business and you are looking for workers/interns or cooperation

– VET provider: VET providers are schools or universities. On the FEA-VEE platform, they can promote educational offers and connect with other stakeholders of the sector

– Educator: Educators are teachers and trainers

Institution: Institutions are public bodies, associations and Business Support Organisations (i.e. chambers of commerce)


Networking area: In this area, you can find the members of the community, and from this area you can send them private messages or connect with them.

Community and group: these are the same thing. In the community/group you can connect with the other members or send them messages, but you can also share something with them by posting on the feed so everyone can see it.

In the top right-hand corner there is a flag icon and a downward arrow. You can change the site language there.

Feed: if you post something on the feed, every member of the group can see it

Discussion: when using the discussion section, you can start a discussion about a certain topic and members can answer. You can also answer to other discussions and by doing so you “subscribe” to the discussion itself.

You can access the accessibility area by clicking on the black round button on the right side of the page or with the shortcut CTRL+U

You can find the Community section in the banner at the topo of the page or by scrolling down and clicking “See more” in the green banner.

As for the community, the two areas can be found in the banner at the top of the page. You can also scroll down and you will find two circle with the different sections. By clicking on the text, you are redirected to the selected section.

You can find the Event section by scrolling down. By clicking on Event, you will be redirected to the Events section.

If you are registered as an entrepreneur/company/VET provider, you have to click on the matchmaking area and then you will find a green button on the right.