Status quo of the fashion industry in the project countries

Over the last months, the FEA-VEE partners conducted a comprehensive analysis of the status quo of the fashion industry in their respective countries. The aim of the analysis was to collect data on the needs of the industry, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the adequacy of the vocational training system, especially with regard to green and digital skills.

Based on this analysis, the report “Sectoral, educational and entrepreneurial current situations and needs assessment of target groups in the partner countries” was developed by the partner UPC –Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

The data was collected through a desk research and a survey, which involved around 120 representatives of professional associations, entrepreneurs, VET trainers and learners in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and Sweden.

The survey investigated particularly following aspects:

  • Fashion culture in general
  • Policy framework
  • Educational framework
  • Business framework

The main takeaways from the analysis are listed below:

1) The fashion industry is struggling in finding qualified workers with the knowledge and specific competences to face the new challenges and trends of the sector.

2) The educational material and curricula currently available does not meet the new needs of the sector and is considered obsolete.

3) Entrepreneurs in the sector face problems in recruiting qualified staff, which is confirmed by the general picture of the fashion education sector.

The results of the analysis will serve as a basis for the project team to create training materials for professionals, students and trainees.

The full report is available in the “learning centre” section of the FEA-VEE website.