The new five green professions in the field of fashion and design

The topic of climate change is permeating more and more into our daily lives and is greatly changing the way in which fashion and design world are perceived.

The fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Aware of this, an increasingly large segment of people direct their consumption choices towards brands that demonstrate their commitment to environmental issues.

In this new scenario, fashion companies need to update their green skills to be ready for the current market challenges. Professionals with competences on circular economy, energy efficiency, emissions reduction and water management are becoming more and more required.

One of the main aims of the FEA-VEE project is precisely to enable young people active in the fashion and design world to develop green skills, to enhance their competitiveness on the labour market.

To orientate students and recent graduates in the fashion industry, the FEA-VEE team made a list of the 5 most-wanted green profiles:

  • The Bio textile engineer who finds sustainable alternatives to common textile materials
  • The Recycling manager responsible for ensuring the #circularity of the textile supply chain
  • The Landscape Architect, in charge of marking urban spaces greener
  • The Environmental lawyer to help public and private entities comply with green regulations and avoid greenwashing
  • The Eco brand manager developing #marketing strategies to reach environmentally aware consumers.

These are definitely the kind of jobs to focus on from now on, both to save the environment and for purely professional reasons: the demands for these green professions will only go up as the years go by.
The FEA-VEE project offers to VET learners and workers in the fashion sector opportunities to upskill their competences and acquire green skills. Keep following us to know more!