The FEA-VEE team @UPC Terrassa

On 25 and 26 January 2023, the FEA-VEE team met for the second time in attendance in Terrassa (Barcelona) hosted by the partner Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

During the meeting, the team worked on the next project activities:

1) We started working on the transnational cooperation platform, which will enable the networking of a multitude of actors in the fashion industry. Students, companies, VET providers and other stakeholders will be able to find and share work and collaboration opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

2) In the coming weeks, UPC will supervise the collection of best practices in the fashion industry that will serve as an inspiration both to our partnership for the creation of the training modules and to the users of our platform.

3) Over the next months, the FEA-VEE team will start drafting the Policy Report on Labour Market Skills for the Fashion/Textiles Industries. The report will analyse the labour markets in the fashion/textile sector in the partner countries. In particular, we will investigate the skills shortage, legislation, strategies to correct the skill gap and good practices implemented in the various countries.

4) Finally, the FEA-VEE team started planning the mobilities that will be implemented within the project. VET learners from the fashion sector will be able to participate in national mobilities (also in distant learning format) in 2024 and in international study visits organised in Spain and Germany in 2025.

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