Competitions, whether national or international, are a great opportunity for designers and arts students to challenge themselves by pushing their creative boundaries and exploring new techniques.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in the fashion industry, several competitions have emerged specifically focused on promoting and recognizing sustainable fashion. These competitions encourage designers to create innovative and environmentally conscious fashion designs.


From a few notable sustainable fashion competitions, like …

Redress Design Award: Formerly known as the EcoChic Design Award, the Redress Design Award is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. It challenges emerging designers to create collections using waste materials and sustainable design techniques. Finalists showcase their work at Hong Kong Fashion Week and winners receive mentorship and business support.

Eco Fashion Designer of the Year: This competition, organized by the Green Embassy, celebrates designers who create sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. It recognizes outstanding designs that prioritize organic and recycled materials, fair trade practices and social responsibility.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s Innovation Competition: The Innovation Competition, held as part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, encourages entrepreneurs, startups and students to present innovative solutions and technologies that address sustainability challenges in the fashion industry.


To themes like Ecolution presented in fashion week events …

During SERBIA FASHION WEEK 2022, where young designers were challenged to showcase their creations.

Serbia Fashion Week is a fashion show held twice a year in Novi Sad, Serbia. Held in April and November, the event attracts local and international fashion designers. Among the winners of last year’s edition, we celebrated Sara Nikolić in the Ecolution challenge and Ioana Goina in the European Fashion Talent Design section.


Looking for opportunities to participate in events hosted by different European countries, big or small, are a must-have in today’s fashion landscape. The mix between new global trends and ethnic perspectives may open up valuable introspective talent exploration for designers.


If you want a challenge, recognition or just an experience, then you should know…

Participating in national and international design competitions can significantly raise your profile within the industry. It can serve as a valuable networking platform that often brings together like-minded artists, industry professionals and experts. It can lead you to new career opportunities and collaborations.

Having successful competition entries can demonstrate your versatility, problem-solving abilities and creative thinking to prospective clients.

Yes, competitions can be intense and demanding, pushing you to work under pressure, yet that is why the experience can foster personal and professional growth.


Upcoming fashion contests in 2023 include:


Global Footwear Awards (GFA) 2023

The Global Footwear Awards 2023 recognizes the efforts of talented footwear designers around the world and celebrates their exceptional creations at a global scale while honoring sustainable practices that will inspire the industry as a whole. Deadline: 03 Nov 2023.


MUSE Design Awards: Season 2 2023

MUSE Design Awards for 2023 is an international competition for designers and creative professionals whose craftsmanship shift paradigms, ideas or designs. Deadline: 17 Aug 2023.


C-IDEA Design Award 2023

The C-IDEA Design Award aims to recognize and promote visionary talents in a wide array of categories ranging from communication design, industrial design, architecture, interior design, fashion design and new media. Deadline: 20 Jun 2023