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The Fashion – Fashion Design Study Program has as its purpose the formation of specialists in the field of the fashion creation and fashion design in strong collaboration with the fashion industry. The study program distinguishes itself through the multiple partnerships with the
professional sphere (companies, institutions, organizations and media) and by the national and international recognition and it is characterized by the very high chances of the graduates’ insertion on the labor market.

Specific competencies

Among the essential competencies obtained by the study program’s graduates, we mention:

– the creative use of the specific technologies and techniques in the fashion design
– the elaboration, development and preparation of the collections, the creation of sketches / models adapted to certain fashion concepts and lifestyles
– the development of a sample of design creation based on a project demonstrating creativity and the capacity to auto evaluation
– the creative use of the medias and materials in connection with the personal concept
– managing the elaboration, implementation and promotion strategies of the product / design project

Career opportunities
The professional career options of the study program’s graduates include:
Fashion designer – stylist / fashion model designer / designer of fashion accessories / expert designer for the style offices / designer of costumes for theatre, film, television / teacher within the field of art education.

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