Updates from the FEA-VEE project team

Exciting things are about to happen in the FEA-VEE project!

Over the past few months, the 12 consortium partners have been working to map the situation of the fashion and textile industry at national level.

The FEA-VEE team first carried out a desk research to collect data on the Initial State of the art of the fashion sector at national level. The goal was to identify the policy framework, the structure of vocational training and to map the main stakeholders. To complete this data, the partners interviewed more than 100 fashion stakeholders: entrepreneurs, trade associations, VET providers, teachers and learners.

This work was performed to:

1) Understand the similarities and differences between the national fashion industries, their strengths and weaknesses as well as the current challenges of the sector

2) Check the adequacy of VET programmes, in particular with regard to new digital and green skills, which are increasingly in demand on the labour market

3) Identify the sector’s needs with regard to workforce training

On 29 November 2022, the FEA-VEE team members met online to compare the results of the analysis. The partner UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) will be in charge of producing the final version of the report “Sectorial, educational and entrepreneurial current situations and needs assessment of target groups in the partner countries” by the end of this year.

This document will be one of the starting points on which we will build for the next steps of the project, e.g. the production of training materials for teachers, trainers, students and graduates.

The report will be available on this website starting from early January 2023.

Stay tuned!